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Best UI/UX Practices in Web App Development

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UIUX Practices in  Web App Development

Even as a web developer or a business owner, you must have encountered an app with voluminous content and convoluted design. After spending a lot of time on the web app, you finally give up on it and either start looking for other options or ask the support team for instructions. Well, you are not alone. More than 88% of the users will give up on a web app if the UI/UX is not poor. 

With 67% of the global population on the internet and 48% of users agreeing that website design and navigation are the first that determines a web app’s credibility, there is no way you can mess up with the UI/UX of the web app. If you are a UI UX design services company, you have to incorporate industry best practices to outfox the neck-wrenching competition. 

UI/UX is the soul of any successful web app. It directly influences user’s perception of your web app and it gives you direct access to high user satisfaction and positive experience. Even if your UI/UX design services company succeeds in deploying a high-quality, feature-rich web app, it will not entice the customers and it will be completely bootless if it doesn’t have good UI/UX. 

In today’s world, modern users prefer responsive, clean, consistent, and visually pleasing UI/UX that fuels the user’s journey and this is where most UI UX design services fail. Just by using the best UI/UX practices, you can amplify the conversion rate of your web app by 200%. 

So, let’s get on board the journey of UI/UX and fathom how the industry’s best practices can give wings to the success of your web app. 

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Why UI/UX is important?

Here are some key statistics related to UI/UX of web apps that will give a better perspective regarding the importance of UI/UX:

  • By 2028, the global UI market will become a $3.69 billion market, and the UX market will grow to become a $20,058 million market.  
  • More than 94% of the users agree that straightforward navigation of a web app is a crucial factor when it comes to their online experience. 
  • If you invest $1 in improving your UX design, it will bring you an ROI of $100. 
  • Around 74% of the web app visitors will come back only if they had a good UX experience. 
  • 88.5% of the users abandon a web app just because of slow loading time. 
  • A 10% increase in the UX budget can lead to an increase of 83% in conversion rate. 
  • More than 80% of the customers are ready to pay more if the user experience is better than average. 

The UI/UX of a web app is just like a book cover. Doesn’t matter how interesting the story, characters, or twists in the plot are, if the book cover is unappealing, the book will never taste success. UI/UX is the first impression of your web app which is the user experience and it should be clear, on-point, responsive, and appealing. 

Even if you succeed in solving the problem of users through your web app, a complicated user interface and a bad user experience will deter users from using your web app in the first place. Almost 75% of the users judge the trustworthiness, credibility, and authenticity of a company through the website design and experience. 

Be the user 

When you have decided to build a web app under your UI UX design services in India company, you will have your vision, plans, and strategies for it. But keep in mind that the app realm is in a constant state of evolution and you might not be aware of the best design practices and unique approaches to solving user’s issues. Sticking to old-school ideas in a world where trends, technologies, and demands are changing every month is not a good idea. 

If you provide UI UX design services in India and your UX developer comes up with some changes or new ideas, always think like a potential user of your web application. What do they need and what do they expect from your web app? What is the best and quickest way to help them solve their issue and achieve their goals? What are some common issues they might face while using your web app?

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Intuitive Navigation 

Web app navigation can make or break your user’s experience. Navigating a web app without a well-defined structure and logic is like being dropped in a complicated maze with no goals, maps, references, or structure. However, a well-designed navigation motivates your web app users to delve deeper into your website without even realizing it. 

One of the worst things you can do while designing the navigation is to put dead ends on the web app. If a user is navigating on your web app and he comes across a page with no information or links to move forward or nothing to engage, he will close the tab and he might never come back again. 

To build a natural path for the users, your company offering UI UX design services in India, will have to fathom how users move through the product.

 It might take a lot of time to understand how users move and think while navigating your website and this is why using intuitive navigation is crucial. Intuitive navigation focuses on building an enjoyable and smooth user experience that minimizes both bounce rate and frustration. 

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Design Consistency 

Consistency in the design of a web app means every design element in the app should behave similarly and follow the universally set pattern. 

Consistency in the design of a mobile app is currently the most fragile concept that has a direct effect on the user’s trust and comfort with the UI/UX of your web app. Design consistency has a direct effect on coherence and it also allows the developers to build a harmonious uniformity among all the discrete UI elements. With better design consistency, users visiting your web app can always rely upon the experience and buy products or navigate the app seamlessly. 

The feel and look of the web app are the first layer of trustworthiness and relationship with customers. However, design consistency delves deeper into behavioral patterns and interaction with the product and the page. 

Improved design consistency by your UI UX design company in India can lead to better memorization, elimination of confusion in users’ minds, universal user feedback, and less time and money consumption, and it will even make it a cakewalk for users to reach a specific page. 

Streamline User Input

User input is the most complicated and dynamic yet important feature of any web app developed by a UI UX development company India. User inputs are complex because they are garnered from different sources like voice commands, and menus and they can even have different formats. 

While developing a web app, your team should always narrow down their focus on streamlining these user inputs. It allows the users to achieve their purpose of visiting the web app without going through any kind of hassle. Moreover, streamlining user input also reduces user errors like typos and incorrect selection. 

Some most common methods used by a UI UX development company India to streamline user input are:

  • Progressive presentation of form fields 
  • Building easy-to-use input fields and forms 
  • Reducing the number of fields in different forms 
  • Offering clear and precise validation message
  • Use of placeholder text inside form fields 

Conduct User Research 

You might have come up with a list of user needs but now you have to go the extra mile and cross-check those needs with real users. There are many UX research models out there that can be used for user research in the form of interviews, polls, etc. Never hang back from asking users direct questions about their perception of your UI/UX design, what attracts them and what deters them, or whether it helps them to solve their problems or achieve their goals or not. 

No one in the world can give better feedback on the UI/UX of your web app than your users. That’s why, you must take user’s feedback and then use it in the form of a reference during the web app development stage. 

Moreover, your team of developers can always learn from the mistakes that were made during the development and deployment stage of your existing product. Additionally, you can also learn many things from the web app of your competitor.

Prioritize Accessibility and Readability 

Making sure your team focuses on the readability and accessibility of your UI/UX design is not just a good practice rather it is a moral obligation. By ensuring there are no issues with the readability and accessibility of your web app, you make it accessible to a wider base of audience including people with disabilities like motor issues and cognitive impairment. 

Some popular ways a user experience design company can improve readability and accessibility are:

  • Use of the right font size is crucial for improving readibility. Users accessing your mobile app from smaller screens like mobile phones can easily read the content if the right size of font size is used. 
  • Make sure to use easily readable font. The font you have chosen for your web app should be comprehensible by the users visiting your web app. 
  • Selection of ideal contrast also aids in enhacing the readibility, especially for people who have weak eyesight or are color blind. 

Use tried and tested design patterns 

The user experience design company should always maintain an even kneel between traditional and innovative design. If the design is way too novel, it can create confusion among users because everyone visiting your website should feel familiar with what you are offering on the platform. 

This is why it becomes necessary to always craft on established web design app patterns. It helps users to easily understand what to do next on the web app. Some common ways to move seamlessly with your design patterns are:

  • Bring in traffic light color system for alerts. Use red for warnings or errors, green for successful actions, and yellow for not so urgent advisory alerts. 
  • Developers should also use split-screen design as it offers the users with two different paths. 
  • The overall design should be properly standardized for both processes like signups or checkout. The forms used here should be clean, simple and they should come with autofill system.
  • Use of familiar design pattern like putting the back button on the top left corner makes the user feel familiar with the web app. 

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Never skip user testing 

User testing is necessary to ensure that the interaction design built by the user experience design firms functions seamlessly and error-freee before being deployed. Developers should test the web app throughout the development phase with real customers. This is a type of user research that moves from low-fiedelity to high fidelity prototypes. 

At every stage of the development process, you need to garner inputs regarding the UI/UX design. The only way to be sure that the produce being developed and deployed will be useful to the users is to test with real-customers. Never move forward with assumption regarding the preferences and requirement of the users. 

Adopting best practices for an ideal UI/UX design might sound fun but it requires dedication, time, skill and a lot of testing. But if you are passionate enough to give the best product to users which they enjoy using, you will have no problem crafting a web app that will set benchmarks for UI/UX design. 

However, it is easy to succumb to fancy UI/UX designs and waste resources on menus, forms, fonts and design that does not resonate with the users. Users don’t want fancy navigation and design, they want an experience that feels seamless, familiar and error-free. So filter through the list of the best UI/UX best practices and pick the one that amplifies the productivity of your web app. 

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