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Microsoft Introduces GPT-4o on Azure: new AI Apps against Google and Amazon

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Microsoft is stepping up its AI game with a slew of new features announced at its Build conference in Seattle. Among the highlights is OpenAI’s new GPT-4o, a set of compact language models, and Microsoft’s powerful new Cobalt 100 CPU.

These announcements reflect the intense AI race in the Silicon Valley, as tech giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Meta, and Apple try to outshine each other in the fast-changing technological environment. This event is more focussed on Microsoft vs Google AI with new unveilings to amp up the AI game!

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The Star of the Show: Microsoft GPT-4o

The biggest buzz at the event was around Microsoft’s integration of OpenAI’s GPT-4o into its Azure AI Studio. This innovative model can process inputs from text, audio, and video. This unveiling truly comes hot off the heels of Google’s recent AI product showcase at their I/O developers conference, where they unveiled a new version of Google Search powered by generative AI–Veo and Imagen 3

Creating Your Own AI Copilots

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella also discussed how these new tools would empower people to change the world during his keynote address at the “Microsoft Build: AI Day” event in Jakarta. With GPT-4o on Azure, users can now create their own AI copilots—intelligent programs capable of understanding images, voice, and text. Microsoft will be making a preview of these features available in Azure to all customers over the coming weeks; This is expected as a counter to Google’s Gemini-powered cybersecurity AI tools to combat cyber threats

Introducing the Phi-3 Models

Along with GPT-4o, Microsoft has also released 3 new language models – Phi-3-small, Phi-3-medium, and Phi-3-vision. These models have been designed to run independently of the web and can be easily deployed in an offline setting. The interesting one here is the Phi-3-vision model, which allows users to input images and text and receive detailed information via text outputs. Just think about it – asking questions on charts, graphs, or images without having to jump online and google everything. Isn’t it cool?

Improvements to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 gets smarter as well with new advancements planned for the future. The new Team Copilot feature for Copilot for Microsoft 365 will now take over meeting agendas, keep notes, summarize Teams chats, and even track deadlines and remind team members when action is needed. How greatly will it contribute to the corporate world. Right?

Powering Up with the Cobalt 100 CPU

Microsoft also announced a preview of Azure virtual machines running on its new Arm-based Cobalt 100 cloud CPUs. These virtual machines, equivalent to software-simulated computers, have 40% better performance than previous ARM-based systems. Microsoft will offer AMD’s MI300X chip for developers who want to train and deploy their AI applications in addition.

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The Potential of GPT-4o capabilities: Exciting Use Cases for Businesses

The advent of GPT-4o on Azure is poised to transform business operations across different industries. Below are the 3 use cases of GPT-4o for Azure:

1. Enhanced Customer Service

What if your sales and client servicing teams were always en-pointe with their customer service experience that felt more like a friendly, insightful conversation? GPT-4o’s has the ability to integrate text, audio, and video inputs means customer interactions can be more dynamic and personalized. Whether it’s resolving issues or providing product recommendations, GPT-4o ensures your customers feel heard and valued.

2. Advanced Analytics

Data is the new gold, and GPT-4o on Azure is your sophisticated miner. By processing and analyzing diverse data types, GPT-4o helps businesses make better decisions. Picture a dashboard that not only shows you numbers but tells a story, uncovering deeper insights and trends that were previously hidden.

3. Content Innovation

Well, in content creation, it’s all about being fresh and engaging. GPT-4o’s generative capabilities can create all kinds of formats, from dazzling articles and videos to interactive media. In this manner, versatility can cater to many more consumer tastes and keep the audience engaged with very creative, compelling content.

The Bigger Picture

AI advancements Microsoft – this is what everyone’s going to talk about since the advent of Microsoft GPT-4o. These innovations are part of Microsoft AI strategy to add to its cloud business through AI innovations. This was an intended investment in OpenAI that has paid off in placing them at the front of the AI conversation. In the latest quarter, AI products helped revenue for Azure and other cloud services grow 7%, up from 6% in the prior quarter.

The company first reported last year that AI contributed 1% to revenue growth for Azure. Now, the number has sky-rocketed, reflecting the company’s fast pace and the rising importance of AI in the tech industry. As the battle between Microsoft, Google, and Amazon rages on, it’s quite evident that AI is truly the future. Also, read about How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Every Industry?

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