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The Future of Open Source Software: Trends to Watch

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Future of Open Source Software

Predicting the future of computing is tricky due to rapid tech advances, software development trends or changing dynamics of innovation. Only a very small fraction of new technologies truly shake up the market or earn a big share—many are either irrelevant, ahead of their time, or aren’t the right market fit. Similarly, numerous superior technologies often get sidelined because other options emerged at just the right time or performed better.

What is Open Source?

Open source refers to a software development model where the source code is made publicly available. This allows anyone to inspect, use, alter, and share the software–This open availability encourages collaboration and innovation, as developers worldwide can contribute to improving and tailoring the software. It truly offers transparency, flexibility, and joint problem-solving.

Today, Open Source software is becoming more common across industries, with more organizations using and developing it than ever before. Every business now operates as a “software business.” The pandemic sped up the shift towards using software for delivering products and services through websites and apps. Open Source software is crucial to development processes, and its growth is expected to continue, with global revenue from Open Source services projected to hit $30 billion. This year, we’ll see significant growth and increased awareness of Open Source technologies. Awareness will drive the use and expansion of Open Source software, making 2024 a year of growth and deeper understanding.

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Top Open Source Software Development Trends for 2024:

1. Rising Demand for Open Source Expertise and Shareable AI Models

As the tech landscape diversifies, the need for skilled developers is surging. Cloud Infra, DevOps tools, Kubernetes, Python, PyTorch, and Open Source data technologies are getting high in demand; It is indeed the best time to get started with Open Source softwares. 

Similarly, on the other hand Generative AI and open source are converging, with AI models becoming shareable libraries. Hire software developers or AI developers that will use the Open Source model to create tools anyone can use and improve. Borrowing someone else’s model could become as easy as importing a module into your code or deploying a container from a public repository.

2. Enhanced Open Source Security Awareness and Supply Chain Attack Resistance

CEOs and IT leaders will boost security budgets as they better understand Open Source usage. Increased use of tools to scan for vulnerabilities will result from recognizing the many Open Source libraries in software development. Companies aware of Open Source security will stay current with the latest versions and updates, improving their security stance. Cyber attackers exploit unpatched Open Source vulnerabilities to inject malicious software. In 2024, heightened awareness and expertise will drive the use of digital signature services to prevent supply chain attacks.

3. The Rise of Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs)

More and more companies are setting up Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs) to better manage their Open Source initiatives. These offices develop and implement Open Source policies and practices, collaborating across various departments. By handling the risks associated with Open Source software, OSPOs help companies maximize its benefits.

The introduction of roles like Chief Open Source Officer is a strategic move to enhance organization and effectiveness in managing Open Source software. This trend underscores a growing appreciation for the value of open source, which encompasses not just technology but also innovation, community building, and strategic advantages.

4. Rapid Adoption of Containers and Kubernetes

Hire software developers for more strategic knowledge tol drive broader adoption of container formats and runtime standards. Open Source container formats like Docker and Podman will gain traction under Open Container Initiative standards. Kubernetes has been embraced by IT Operations teams, mirroring the shift from physical hardware to virtual machines seen in past decades. Despite the learning curve and need to hire software developers, Kubernetes is set to break adoption records in 2024 as a highly successful Open Source project.

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5. Emphasis on Ethical AI Acknowledgment and Implementation

AI, machine learning, deep learning, and data technologies increasingly use Open Source software. In 2024, Open Source AI tools, including those intersecting with containers like Kube Flow, will become more accessible. Ethical AI awareness and implementation will grow significantly. Open Source tools aim to keep ML/DL algorithms transparent, explainable, and fair. Tools like AI Fairness 360, Fairlearn, and Aequitas address AI bias, while AI Explainability 360 and Iml help scrutinize models. Adoption of these technologies will boost confidence in AI applications.

6. Blockchain’s Influence on BFSI Fundamentals

Blockchain’s use in corporate and consumer applications will keep expanding, despite industry debates. It offers transparency in transactions, from optimizing supply chains to reducing fraud and enhancing security. Deloitte’s 2021 Global Blockchain Survey highlighted blockchain, digital assets, and crypto solutions as new revenue streams for various sectors. The BFSI sector values blockchain for its security and transparency, supported by its Open Source foundation. Open Source blockchain promotes decentralization, reduces load, increases transparency, and explores new opportunities for software development outsourcing services.

7. Gaining Momentum of Inner Source Projects

InnerSource projects have emerged beyond technology companies like banks, governments, and R&D labs. Non-Open Source software products will embrace open source development standards that create an internal atmosphere akin to open source practices. A credible custom software development company in India would adopt more open source-like practices as they see the advantages of open collaboration and contributions. In order to use more open source software, InnerSourcing across various products will demand greater expert guidance.

8. WEB 3.0 – The next gen!

Decentralization and token-based economics are the keynotes of Web 3.0, which is a blockchain based internet iteration. AI powered services, decentralized data structures and edge computing will feature in web 3.0. This is expected to be permissionless, increasingly decentralized and Open Source.AI driven searches that generate ideas for users. Decentralized data structure will change P2P transactions. Also with the help of 5G edge computing is expected to improve user connectivity. These factors coalesce signifying a revolution in technology. Open Source infrastructures enable this leap, but more work is needed for Web 3.0’s full realization.

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Open Source software has long embraced diversity, equality, and inclusiveness. For nearly 30 years, openness and freedom have been core to the Open Source ethos. Communities and foundations are integrating social reforms into their missions–some worthy examples are GitHub Diversity, OpenSource Diversity, etc., that exemplify this commitment. In the years to come, business and open source technologies are going to further improve if more and more stepped effort shall be committed to advocating for diversity and inclusion. The availability of Open Source technologies is important for the design and development of applications. When you make use of Open Source technology and other associated technology solutions in 2024, do not forget that just like all other technologies, it has its own set of challenges too; you would need experts to make the best use of open source technologies. 

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